Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay Review

By | May 5, 2017

totally accurate battle simulatorLooking for funny, action with realistic battle effects game? try this new Totally Accurate Battle Simulator game. This new game is action, strategy, casuals, with realistic battle animation simulator game. It’s a simulator game, so the animation is really well made. The battle animation is quite realistic. There are plenty of action games, but nearly all of them have unrealistic battle animation and effects. This one is action simulator game, so the battle animations and effects are designed to be as real as possible. If we see the game title, so we need to know that this game will contain the battle effects, and you need to prepared to see some violence and blood. The graphic is crystal clear, the animation is realistic, and the battle can be absurdly awesome.

Gameplay Review Of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

We will tell you the leakage of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator gameplay. The gameplay is fairly straight and simple. It doesn’t have any storyline or main quest, so this game is much more casual and action. During the gameplay, you can make a scenario battle, choose a troop, insert the number of troops you want to battle and then enjoy the realistic battle animation between the two troops. You can make the scenario as absurdly as you want. A duel, A massive battle or one man army. You can make any realistic battle whatever you want.

Since this is quite a new game, there aren’t plenty of improvements on this game. But you can expect more improvements coming from this game developer. There are also some slight bugs you need to report in this game. But In conclusion, this is a fairly great game, with medium specifications requirement. It comes with crystal clear graphic, realistic and absurd animation. If you are a fan of action games, you need to try Totally Accurate Battle Simulator immediately. You can download it from developer links or just follow the provided link.

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