Tips To Survive With One Lung

By | June 1, 2017

one lungHaving one lung must be hard for everyone. It is because our body usually has two lungs and need to survive without another one because of some reasons. It is no secret that lung cancer is one of the culprits which make the one who suffers it required to remove one of their lungs. At this point, the patient is surely able to live like normal again. However, we cannot deny that they will face differences since we cannot forget that one of their lungs has been removedv.

Tips To Live And Survive With One Lung

Then, how can we live and survive when we do not have another part of our lungs? When it is said to be possible, it is surely true that we can survive and live healthy even we do not have our other lung. One of the things that we can do to survive is by living a healthy lifestyle. Living healthy with one lung includes preventing cigarette. Smoking and being around smoke is extremely forbidden when we want to survive with a healthy lung especially when we only have one right now. It is better for us to avoid smoking completely when we do not want to increase our risk.

Furthermore, it is also crucial for us to choose light exercise when we do not have normal two lungs. Since we only have one organ to operate the respiratory process all alone, we need to take our choice of exercise into account. Of course, we are not suggested to do heavy sports such as football, basketball, and others. On the other hand, we are suggested to do something light such as walking around the neighborhood in the morning. This kind of exercise will be enough to fresh up our body. That’s all some tips to live and survive with one lung.

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