Sleepy In The Day

By | April 2, 2017

Health tipsHealth tipsHave you ever felt sleepy when the time is ticking in the 2 pm in the day? your body might be feeling bored and also feeling sleepy. Moreover, you have just eaten in the 12 pm with you colleagues. So it is a perfect time to get some sleep in the 2 pm. However, you are could not forget that you are in work so it is impossible to have some sleep when you are in work. Actually what is happened in your body at that time when you are feeling so sleepy in the daylight?

Actually, that is because you own reasons. There are so many bad habits that you did before and make you sleepy in the day. moreover in the time of 2 pm until 4 pm you will feel sleepy. It is because your bad habits that affect your body. It’s because you do not have good foods and healthy foods. When you are working you might forget to had meals on time. You also do not much time so you are choosing the fast foods as your choice to fulfill your stomach that empty. Moreover, you do not order the healthy foods like vegetables or the fruits or even the juice. You are also ordered the carbonated drink which is not good for your body.

These bad habits are the reason why your body will be feeling really tired and get sleepy in the day. your body need some vitamin and mineral so that your body organs could work better. Those two are having a great effect on your growing body. Some doctors also said that it is important to keep your healthy body by keeping up your foods that come into your body. If you are having healthy food, it will affect good for your body organs. That is why you should avoid junk foods because it will damage your body if you eat the foods continuously.

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