Restaurant Wedding Venues in LA

By | April 27, 2017

Wedding VenuesWhen considering about wedding destination, we may begin to wonder about restaurant wedding venues. Well, the restaurant has become one of the best choices for wedding venues nowadays. Now that many restaurants offer such a great view and style, it certainly becomes a great choice for everyone. There have been numerous choices when we want to hold a wedding ceremony in the restaurant. If you are interested in holding a wedding ceremony in Los Angeles, you should read this following information about the stunning restaurant which is popular as a wedding venue in Los Angeles.

Restaurant Wedding Venues in Los Angeles

In the first place, there is Café Pinot which becomes a recommended venue for the wedding ceremony. If you are dreaming about a wedding ceremony around historical Los Angeles Library, this venue is surely a great choice for you. By having this place as a venue, skyscraper and garden seating will be the background view of your wedding. As one of restaurant wedding venues in LA, this café also offers oasis feeling which is able to make your wedding even more memorable. Then, you can also consider about a restaurant called Cast at Viceroy Santa Monica. This restaurant is able to hold 120 guests and total. You can expect for chic poolside view in this venue.

Furthermore, there is also Cicada which is located in Oviatt building. If you are dreaming about art deco style for your wedding venue, this restaurant is surely an excellent selection for you. It will be good for holding a vintage wedding style as well. Moreover, you should not forget about Cliff’s Edge as well. For a romantic wedding ceremony, we should not forget about this one. With bamboo views and gorgeous details setting, this venue becomes a nice selection for you who want to hold your special day in one of the best restaurant wedding venues in LA.

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