Protect Every Body Part

By | April 27, 2017

Health careHas a beautiful body become one of the things which everybody wants? There are many people who really taking care of their parts of the body which are visible, such as eyes, hair, lips, hands, and feet. However, they do not really care about their parts of the body which are invisible such as brain, heart, lungs, and kidney. Actually, the health of all parts of the body is very important and really important for them and they cannot ignore one of them. If they ignore one of the body parts, it is very dangerous for their health and irritates it.

Heart, liver, lungs, brain, and kidney are the parts of the body which are really important. Caring those body parts are the necessity. Do exercise is not enough for caring those body parts. There are some things for taking care of those body parts. Firstly, the brain is one of the main body parts which they should take care of it. The capability of the brain will be influenced by the age. When they are 40 years old the brain capability will be decreasing. To protect the brain, they can sharpen their skill such as study about languages and read. Drink mineral water also will protect it because water is the important substance. Second is lungs. Keep away from cigarette smoke and pollution will make the lungs healthy. Consume apple also will make the lungs work optimally. The third is liver. Drink lemon juice every morning can help secretion to waste the poison.

The heart is one of the parts body which actually must be protected by them. Cholesterol, diabetes, and bad behavior which can damage the heart. To protect the heart function, we can do cardiovascular exercise. The heart also very need enough antioxidant. Drink enough mineral water will help kidney to be healthy. Drink a minimum two-liter water per day is enough.

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