Node.Js Express Tutorial For REPL

By | June 1, 2017

node.js express tutorialToday we will be learning about REPL that is used for Node.js. It is yet another important environment that any developer concerning with Node.js should know. That way, you will be able to create a more interactive program that may be useful for making the best user experience. REPL, according to the various Node.js Express tutorial, basically stands for Reading, Evaluation, Print, and Loop. Except for the evaluation that should be typed Eval for its command, the other remains the same.  It is important to know that those commands have different tasks that you should know.

Understanding REPL For Node.Js Express Tutorial

Read is a useful command to basically read input from users. However, it is not merely limited to reading the information but also parses it into Javascript. This commands also somewhat stores the information in the memory as well. The next command is called Eval. It evaluates data structure. The data structure may have been provided in the memory and the evaluation can begin with that specific part of the data. The next is print. It prints the results from the evaluation or result from reading. It is useful for checking whether you are getting the correct data from reading or evaluation which will be used for further operations. The last Node.js express tutorial for REPL is Loop. For obvious reason, Loop makes your command executed infinitely. You can stop the command by pressing CTRL+C twice.

In order to use the REPL, you can utilize the terminal for REPL. You can start the REPL without any argument. You need to try some expressions before making complex code. The first thing that you should try is definitely the simple expression. If you are advanced enough, you should consider using multiline expression because REPL supports such expression for the easier code-making process. Pay attention to some other REPL commands to make your easier as the Node.js express tutorial suggests.

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