How Much Data Does Streaming Music Use? Is It Safe For Tight Budget?

By | April 19, 2017

How Much Data Does Streaming Music UseWe can hear music using music application or download the songs. And music application is easy and simple. We need to stream the music though. How much data does streaming music use? and is it safe for low-cost students? Many teenagers love music, but teenager doesn’t have a lot of money, so they need to watch carefully about the budget. But teenagers just stream music to hear the song without aware of the data consumption. This review will tell you how much data you use when you stream a music.

Why People Loves Music Very Much? Event Know How Much Data Does Streaming Music Use To Spend The Music?

Music is a kind of hobby. Many people love to hear a nice song while on work or relaxing. Music has become their lifestyle and part of their daily lives. Music can change people mood, making them happier. But there are also people that hear sad music just to let out their tear, and become sadder. It is quite strange though. Using the music application is easy to do and simple. Just click on the songs we want to hear and the music streaming begin. But How much data does streaming music use?

There are slightly different between every music application. But basically, they consume a huge amount of data when streaming. So, you need to be careful. An average of data consumption does the music application use is 9.5 MB per 3-minute songs. So, if you listen to music for 30 minutes that means you use 95 MB just to listen to music. And if you hear a music for 8 hours straight. You burn, almost 1 GB of internet data, Streaming music is fine, but for a tight budget and college students, don’t stream music too much, except if you’re on Wi-Fi, so be careful. And that’s answer the question of how much data does streaming music use. For a further information check out the website on the internet.

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