Impressive And Best Hikes In Scotland

By | May 22, 2017

best hikes in scotlandScotland is famous for its beautiful and dramatic scenery. There are many beautiful places to visit, beautiful hiking trail to hike and many great spots for your vacation. There are some best hikes in Scotland you might want to know. Scotland is located in the Northern Part of British islands. Most of the area in Scotland is Highland, along with the coastal line. That’s why there are many forest trail, hill trails, Coastal cliff walks, and Meadow trail. There are also some lowland parts of Scotland where you can find a beautiful lake, such as legendary loch Ness, where rumored legendary Nessie sighed. Loch ness means lake in the Celtic language, so if you want a lake trail, then you can visit loch ness or loch level. There is still much best hiking spot to visit in Scotland.

Where Is The Impressive Spot To Hikes And Where Are The Best Hikes In Scotland?

Do you like coastal walks? or you want a thrilling cliff trails? Then Oldman of Hoy is the perfect place for you. This cliff trail is located in Orkney, an Archipelago at Northern coast of Scotland. This is the great place to hike if you love thrilling walks in the cliff. You can also visit some Viking’s burial chamber and some Vikings carvings here. You will love the sight of the northern coast while walking on the high cliffs. Still, you will need to be extra careful while walking on the high cliffs. You don’t want to fell off the cliff, don’t you? This place might be the best hikes in Scotland if you love coastal walks.

Are you fancy of lake walks? Then you should come to Loch Leven. This place is the largest lowland loch or lake. There are many birds roosting in this place, especially wildfowl ducks. This place is best hikes in Scotland, especially for the bird watcher. You can see many wild geese nesting on this loch while enjoying vast views of the lake. Enjoy your sightseeing in Loch Leven.

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