Herbal Material To Reduce Acne

By | March 22, 2017

Health lifeEveryone around the world will love to have clean and healthy face skin no matter would that means. For them who have oily skin type and live in the dirt area, the probability of affecting acne on the face will be doubled. It is known that the cause of acne is related to the exceed sebum extracted. Naturally, sebum is useful to hydrate the skin. But, when it produces in excess volume, it can make a contact with bacterial and create acne. TZone is the area where the acne can be found in big numbers. TZone consists of a fore head, nose, and chin. At this are, the sebum is produced higher than another place.

Acne can be treated by taking antibiotics and anti-irritation. When people go and see the doctors, they will get some prescription to reduce these symptoms. But, it is like another case, when the medicine is taken regularly, it can cause bad side effects. The kidney is having hard work once people take regular medicine. Therefore, along with people consideration related to this matter increase, people look for herbal material to reduce this case.

Tea tree oil is basically applied to eliminate acne since many times before. It can be extracted and by applying it using cotton buds, the antibiotics agent will make the acne out. Lavender and calendula can be used as a substituent to eliminate acne on face. These will help healing process on the tissue can work properly. Aloe gel is another material that used to sooth the skin that contains acne. As the result, the acne will not be seen anymore by regular treatment.

People choose the preference in using herbal material is because it is friendlier. Compared with taking medicine, it does not make the kidney to work harder. Meanwhile, it is not consumed as oral medicine that will make it does not follow the blood vessels.

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