Healthy Baby Feeding Tips For Moms

By | June 13, 2017

Health tipsCalling for all mothers with new born baby! Helping your baby gain weight should be on your top list. Should you worry about the baby fat? Not really. Some recent studies found a link between fattening up too quick during infancy and childhood obesity.

Take Time To Read This Guidelines

Moms, cutting calories throughout the first year indeed could interfere with both your baby’s physical growth and her brain development. Therefore, stick to these guidelines in your mind so your little one develops healthy eating habits.

  1. Avoid using food to soothe – Try offering your baby a pacifier or you can help her to relax by singing, shushing, or rocking her. You may need to feed a newborn often, but older babies who fuss between meals or right after emptied mom’s breasts don’t always need more food to feel better.
  2. Recognize the sign of satiation – when a newborn has had enough to eat, she will close her eyes, pulls away, or spits out the nipple. Stop insist her to continue to finish her bottle.
  3. Keep some barometers in mind – babies are normally double their first-born weight by about 4 months and triple it by their first birthday.
  4. Put solid in perspective – breast milk or formula are the calories and nutrition’s primary source during a baby’s first year. Sometimes babies typically start solids around 6 months. The main function of eating food at this stage is to get the baby used to have it in his mouth and also a chance to practice eating. Talk to your pediatrician if your little chipmunk is exceeding this guideline

So, mothers, always taking care of your baby and control her foods in order to develop a healthy eating habit. If anything, you need to ask, you can see your pediatrician to have a consul. Good luck, mommy!

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