The Health Tips Is Consume Fruit

By | May 11, 2017

Health tipsEvery person wants to have the healthy body and also strong. It will make the person can far away from the disease. Beside of doing the workout, keep you clean, and reduce the stress. Keeping the healthy food is also very important and it is also appropriate for you. One of the ways is you have to keep consume the healthy fruit and also a vegetable. Almost all of the fruit and vegetable have vitamin, protein, and other benefit substance. And it will be better if you know every substance that is contained in the food, especially for fruit and vegetable.

Nowadays, there are so many kinds of fruit that can be found by you easily. And also, you can get it easily. You also have to know the fruit that can make you still healthy. There are some fruits that can keep you healthy. The first is orange, this fruit contains vitamin C. That vitamin C can increase the immune system to produce the new cell. The second is papaya. Papaya has papain enzyme and that enzyme is anti-inflammatory. And papaya also contains potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin B, those substances can protect your body from disease.

The third is a kiwi that has vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, and potassium. And those substances can increase the immune system. The fourth is guava. This fruit is the source of the vitamin C and vitamin A. The fifth is an apple. An apple a keeps the doctor, that idiom is very right. That fruit actually can protect the body to attack the infection, it is because Apple has so many minerals and vitamins. The sixth is watermelon this is rich of mineral, vitamin and also lycopene and it is effective to attack the infection. Then, banana is the fruit that has vitamin B6 and antioxidant.

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