Fruits, And It Benefits For Body

By | April 17, 2017

Health careFruits are always considered as the healthiest foods. This is quite true since we get many nutrients we need from fruits. It’s very healthy to consume fruits every day. There are many kinds of fruits, each with their own taste, nutrients, and benefits. Although fruit can’t replace grain, or rice as your calorie sources. Fruits don’t contain many calories, it still had a few calories though. But if we eat fruits every day besides our daily meals. It’s a very nice diet. There are many kinds of fruit. Tropical fruits from tropic islands, or fruits from a European country and much more.

One of the tropical fruits is Papaya. Papaya contains many fibers, vitamins, and minerals. Since it contains many fibers. Papaya is good for the digesting system. It helps in dumping feces. Papaya also considered as a good source of vitamin A, that is very good for our eyes. Then we have Guava. This fruit had green skin with round fruit, and if cut it in half, we can see it’s pink fruit flesh with a lot of seeds on it. Guava had a very high Vitamin C. Guava had more vitamin C than orange in fact. Vitamin C helps your body immunity system. So, it’s very good to maintain our body health.

Papaya and Guava are tropical fruit. But how about European, West country’s fruit? European had many berries fruit. Since it’s cold there, there are not many fruit trees that can thrive in there. Only certain berries and tree can thrive. Strawberry and Blueberry are the examples of berry. They have a sour and sweet taste. Both have a high vitamins C and Antioxidant. The next fruit is Apple. Apple is round red fruit with a white fruit flesh. Although there is some green colored apple. Apples have very high antioxidant. Higher than berries. Apple also good for your skin and immunity system too. In conclusion, nearly every fruit are healthy. Every fruit had their own nutrients. You should try to eat as many fruits as you can.

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