How to Cure Cold Easily

By | April 8, 2017

Health lifeDuring rainy season or wet weather, people will be easy to get cold. Besides a cough, it is a general sign that people usually suffer. Reddish nose is a sign when people get this bad condition. When this symptom comes, people will feel pain around bones. Before taking medicine, people need to let the immune system works properly. Several home remedies could be applied to make people feeling better because of this case.

One people can do when they got cold is applying hot or warm clothes on the face. It will moisture the skin and opens the pores so that people could feel relaxed. It can be repeated several times as people feel bad. Besides that, it is strongly advised not to take cold water. Rather than consuming ice, people are suggested to take hot water. If it is necessary people can add ginger root to consume daily. It will give hot effects onto a body that will make people feeling better. Meanwhile, let the bodies consuming vitamins even in high dosage is needed to make the body have proper protection. As an antioxidant, vitamin will play a role as the safety guard onto the body.

On the other hand, people also need to take shower in warm. Reducing the body to contact cold water is not required since it can cause the worst effect on the bodies. As for the body lack of warmth, all day long people need to keep it warm by wearing a thick jacket on. But, when there is a fever diagnosed, people can take some medicine to reduce the symptoms. Taking water in huge amounts can help reducing this symptom no matter would that means. Overall, if there is no progression after three days’ home caring, people may visit the hospital or doctor to get the right prescription to heal this disease.

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