Why You Choose The Android Nougat?

By | May 9, 2017

android nougatWhy should you choose the Android Nougat? The improvement in the technology world is something that should happen because the technology maybe can be died when there is not improvement and development for the innovation of this world. As the part of technology and communication world, one of systems for the smartphone is a must. So, the systems of Android always upgrade in every period so the system should have the different than before. If you want to know the reason why should you choose the Nougat as your Android system, just stay on this article?

The Reason Choose The Android Nougat.

There are more than 15 new features when you choose the smartphone with Nougat. This is more than enough for you to choose the Nougat as your operating system for your smartphone. The Nougat system is paying more attention to the privacy and the safety program and smartphone are becoming the main focus of the update system of the Android. The producer of Android Nougat understands that the privacy and the safety are important for the people. The Nougat is completed with the layer of safety and encryption that make sure that your personal data that more modern than before. The feature that supports this safety system is the easy way to update the software and applications on the background directly without you should wait for the update information with turning on your sink feature.

The next, the database encryption system will help you to protect your data and limit the access of the data while your smartphone used by other peoples. The encryption system is not the new feature for the Android operating system, but in this Nougat system, creates the better encryption system. The next save feature that update is the booting system that faster and directly. The device will turn on faster and the application will work properly and safety although you don’t sign up the application yet. This is about the safety setting of Android Nougat for you. Thank you for reading.

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