How to Check Pokes On Facebook and the Reason to Poke

By | March 20, 2017

How To Check Pokes On FacebookHow to Check Pokes On Facebook? In one of the menus you see on Facebook, you can find ‘poke’ where you usually use it to ‘poke’ or you are ‘poked’ by someone. You will know when someone pokes you on Facebook; you will get notifications that say ‘his or her Facebook name’ poked you. You can get many pokes if ‘Facebook profile names’ that poke you are more than one. You can also do the same to poke people who poked you. You can go to Facebook profile, the one that pokes you and sees the option to poke his or her, which is place near the message board in his or her right and bottom in Facebook cover.

The Reason How to Check Pokes On Facebook

It seems like a poke at the first time is appear on Facebook is popular because you also do that. You may curious what is actually the use of ‘pokes on Facebook. people that you are poked or People who do ‘pokes’ make you know how to check pokes on Facebook maybe do that because of many reasons. One of it is because he or she wants to keep in touch with. You may always update your profile or post something on the wall, but you never give back comment for people who give comment to you. He or she may feel something strange with you so he or she is poked you. Alternatively, they realize that it has been too long for you for not active on Facebook. They want to know what happen to you or what make you are rather to post your feeling on Facebook, so they try to poke you and hope that you are aware of his or her care to you by poke you.

To poke you first maybe is to know that you still active on Facebook or not. If you give your respond to them, they will start to chitchat with you or directly write on the message board or on your wall. You also will know How to Check Pokes on Facebook in the pokes page if many people poke you on Facebook.

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