Bonsai Tree Care By Positioning Correctly

By | May 5, 2017

bonsai tree careIt is important to pay special attention to a plant called bonsai. Bonsai is a really delicate plant that involves so many factors to ensure its amazing growth. One special bonsai tree care lies on its positioning. People often neglect this issue because most plants are known for their preference to sunlight. However, it does not apply to all kinds of bonsai because every one of them is unique. Some trees just need a subtle light while some others love to be exposed for a day. However, there is one rule that you can utilize if you do not want complicated task. Just put the bonsai tree under direct sunlight for 4 – 6 hours a day for outdoor bonsai and half shade for the whole day for your indoor bonsai.

Positioning For Bonsai Tree Care

It all depends on where you actually live. If you live where winter does not come, it is a definitely ideal way to put your bonsai outside. You also can have bonsai that cannot endure the freezing winter because there is no winter anyway. What you need to avoid is extensive heat because areas that do not have winter definitely has hotter temperature especially in dry season. People in a temperate climate are even luckier because many bonsai trees can be grown there for bonsai tree care.

Moving to other position, you definitely can put your bonsai indoor. If you want to put the bonsai indoor, you still need to make sure it has been exposed to heat in some sort. The reason is because trees require sunlight to grow. There is one powerful bonsai tree called Focus. It is one of the recommended trees that you can put inside your house without too much care. However, it still requires special attention to light and temperature. Please note that you cannot do bonsai tree care indoor for non-tropical bonsai.

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