Apple iPhone 6S Screen

By | March 27, 2017

Apple iPhone 6sWhat do you think about gadget? Today gadget is something that cannot be separated with people’s life. Then, one of the gadgets in which nowadays is popular is Apple iPhone 6S. Talking about Apple itself, it is actually one of the biggest company producing gadget. There are many popular gadgets innovated by this company and iPhone is one of the beat one. As we know that in 2016, the sale of this product is great and until today it comes to the favorite one. Of course, its offer that is the screen or display becomes one of the reasons for its popularity.

Screen of Apple iPhone 6S

When we talk about Apple iPhone 6S, its good screen becomes something interesting to be discussed here. The screen of this 6S is identical to 6’s in which it has 4.7 inches with 750p for the resolution. Indeed, this screen is nice since all users are able to have how clear the display of 6S is. Not only clear, the screen of iPhone 6S is bright and colorful too. It means that the users can find their satisfaction when using this gadget from Apple. Laminated to the strong glass, of course, there is nothing which should worry about if the phone falls.

After that this iPhone 6S has a lower pixel of the screen. However, it is an advantage because the battery use can be lower. For the contrast ratio itself, we can say that it is still poor. It is caused by the black areas which look a little gray. About the sharpness is lower as well when it is compared to 6S Plus. Here When Does The Next Iphone Come Out only has 326 pixels while 6S Plus has 401 ppi. However, this iPhone 6S is equipped with OLED technology so that its screen can still look brilliant.

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