All About Pidgeotto Haircut

By | April 29, 2017

pidgeotto haircutAmong various haircuts available right now, there is popular Pidgeotto haircut which many people want to try it. Considered as a unisex haircut, the name of this cut actually has a unique origin. Do you know Pidgeotto from Pokemon series? The name of this haircut is surely taken from this character. Generally, our hair resembles the crest of Pidgeotto when we use it. In this case, we will get longer hair on top and middle while the sides are shorter. Now, how to make this cool haircut?

How To Make A Cool Pidgeotto Haircut

To make this haircut, you may think about Pixie and Mohawk at the same time. It is because the combination of Pixie and Mohawk will turn similar with the Pidgeotto. The point of this haircut is that you have longer hair on top and middle part while cutting it shorter as you go back. To make Pidgeotto haircut, both of the sides are better to be cut on fade style. In this case, it will make the Pidgeotto looks even more perfect. It is also possible for you to combine with punk touch. You may find some inspirations to get it done.

In addition, it is also possible if you want to cut the sides completely. It means that you make the sides bald. However, making it into fade on the both sides is considered better if you want to get the fresher look without too much cutting. Then, to make it looks like Pidgeotto character, you can also consider coloring the hair with pink or red color. You can go on with other colors as well if you like. Now that you have known how to make this haircut, it must be useful for you to know that this Pidgeotto haircut is perfect for those who have round face.

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